Weasels "Chapters"

The Weasels USA was founded in 1993 in Agoura Hills, California. We don't really have "chapters," but over the years groups in other states have contacted us and asked if they could be Weasels as well. Since the Weasels started out as a joke, the Original Weasels told them, what the hell, go forth and be Weasels. Many of these groups have fallen by the wayside, some others have florished, and new groups are being founded all the time.

That said, all Weasels "chapters" are independent from the Original Weasels USA. They don't answer to us, we don't answer for them. Below are links to some of them. If anyone has a problem with any of them, take it up with them individually.

Fuck...I need a beer...

The Grand Fuckin' Weasels

San Diego, CA Weasels

Carson City, NV Weasels

Seattle, WA Weasels

San Diego

Carson City


Pennsylvania Weasels

Weasels of N.E. Kansas



NE Kansas


Kansas City Weasels

Foothill, CA Weasels


Kansas City

Foothill Division

Weasels New Zealand

Minnesota Weasels

Bend, OR Weasels

Weasels New


Bend Weasels

Nashville Weasels

Las Vegas, NV Weasels

ST. Louis, MO Weasels

Nashville Weasels

Las Vegas Weasels

St. Louis MO Weasels

Springfield, MO Weasels

Madison WI Weasels

Louisiana Weasels

Springfield, MO

Madison Wisconsin


Detroit MI Wease;s

Delta, CA Weasels

Maui, HI Weasels

Detroit MI Weasels

Delta Weasels

Maui Weasels

New Jersey Weasels

Idaho Weasels

Delaware Weasels

New Jersey Weasels

Boise Weasels

Delaware Weasels

Hangtown, CA Weasels

Wyoming Weasels

Weasels Norway

Hangtown Weasels

Wyoming Weasels

Weasels Norway

Western Massachussetts Weasels

West Coast Weasels,
Thousand Oaks, CA

Western Massachusetts

Georgia Weasels

Portland Weasels

Inland Empire, CA

Shingletown CA

  AZ Weasels

  Myrtle Beach

  Roseville CA

Arizona Weasels

Myrtle Beach Weasels

Roseville CA



Riverside Weasels 

Arkansas Weasels

  Chico CA

Riverside CA

Salem Weasels
Weasel Nomads Portland Weasels
Kalispell, MT
Weasels SW FL
North Texas
Murrells Inlet