Motorcyclist Rights
Organizations On The Web

Updated May 19, 2014

I recently removed many listings and dead links.
If anyone has updated links or addresses,
e-mail me. —Kit Maira

Confederation of Clubs Midwest (Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia). C/O Law Offices of Ralph Buss, 111 E. Washington Street, Washington Square, Suite 1, Painesville, Ohio 44077-0705, 800-582-5577;

I believe this is the most complete and accurate listing of MRO's on the web. If you have updated info, or want to have your organization listed, please E-MAIL ME.

This information is presented as a public service. I encourage everyone to get involved with their local motorcyclist rights organization. It is not enough, however, to just pay your dues while your MRO drifts further and further from the mark.

Does your MRO endorse candidates who want to restrict your right to self defense? Who want to keep expanding the war on drugs? Who never saw a spending bill they didn't like? Many MROs endorse candidates who continue year after year to pick your pockets and steal your liberties, simply because they answered their candidate questionnaires in a certain way. Some don't even bother to send their questionnaires to third party candidates at all!

Most (but not all) MROs are only interested in a very narrow field, issues that have "motorcycle" in the title. There are many other issues to be considered when supporting a politician.

The Helmet Law is a puny issue. It is important only as it is a symptom of a greater danger to your liberties posed by the state. When your MRO endorses a candidate it is still your duty to judge that candidate on all the issues that are important to you, not just the helmet law.

Kit Maira